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Rich Dixon's story has been an inspiration to thousands. He continues to move forward and help others, which takes that inspiration to a whole new level.
He speaks with candor of fears and dreams experienced on his own journey and offers practical responses to both. Whenever I listen to Rich, I am moved and walk away with hope.

Dick Foth, International Speaker, Teacher, Pastor, Author

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I taught math to teenagers for thirty-five years. For most of those years I sat in a wheelchair because of a senseless accident.

I retired in 2009 to pursue a big dream. Rich's Ride has given me the opportunity to share an inspirational story of hope, dreaming big dreams, and overcoming adversity with audiences all over the country.

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Rich is a tremendous communicator. He will have your audience laughing and then crying all for the Glory of God. His compelling and genuine presentation disarms people and lets truth win.
You will not regret having Rich in the line-up for your conference, chapel, Sunday service, or retreat.

Michael White, Communications Director, North Central University, Minneapolis

Your Dream
Write a BIG Story - A Ted Talk

A Teacher At Heart
600 kids - in a gym - on Friday afternoon

Clips From A Church Talk
Faith Assembly Church, Phoenix


22 CHILDREN: The Story of the Freedom Tour
It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the size and complexity of issues like human trafficking. We’ll look at an inspiring story of how one team is changing the world by focusing on one group of kids. Your audience will be challenged to use their own unique gifts and talents to make a difference in their own corner of the world.
RELENTLESS GRACE: HOPE changes what’s possible

Have you ever wondered where God went when life falls apart? With an authentic mix of humorous episodes and intimate personal struggles, I’ll share first-hand experience of a journey from darkness into light. Your audience will travel an inspirational path from sorrow to joy, hopelessness to optimism, tragedy to triumph. Discover the incredible possibilities that exist within God’s invitation to give hope another chance.

Dreams aren’t killed–they wither and die from lack of attention.

Inspirational, encouraging, and challenging, this message of hope and possibility dares listeners to nurture their dreams and set goals that grow dreams into sparkling reality. Your audience will see first-hand the opportunities within every struggle and leave eager to risk following their wildest dreams.

Rich has an amazing story. He’s awesome, such an inspiration. He gives such a hope for my future. What a wonderful sense of humor.
His honesty gives everyone hope and lessons they can carry with them for their lives.

An inmate at Larimer County Detention Center

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