Colorado Mountain Tour

An epic adventure to fight human trafficking


Cycle Colorado's majestic mountains to fight human trafficking

July 25 - 30, 2019

Registration Deadline: May 4



feet of climbing




mountain passes

Be part of a story bigger than yourself


COLORADO MOUNTAIN TOUR 2019 will cycle through scenic Colorado mountain communities and over iconic passes.

4 days, 260 miles, 19,500 feet of climbing
(2500 to 4300 ft of climbing per day)

Sound like fun?
Click the chain ring and join us.

As a part of this unique, exciting experience you will:

  • raise funds and awareness for a great cause
  • build lasting relationships
  • stretch your limits
  • perhaps even discover something about yourself


July 25 - 30, 2019

It's gonna be a blast!

Click here to read a note from David Grant.

"What an incredible week, it’s hard to put into words the experience of spending a week with Jesus, free from distractions while riding a bike and enjoying the beautiful State of Colorado."

Learn to do right. Seek justice. Defend the oppressed.



  • $250 (due by April 30, can be accomplished with fundraising)


  • We ask (but don't require) $500 additional fundraising.
  • We encourage you to fundraise beyond this amount.
  • July 6: Suggested target date for additional fundraising.
  • Note: fundraising may continue year-round.

All funds will go to the HOME OF HOPE.

Ride expenses are paid by generous community sponsors.

Each rider receives:

  • 2 custom jerseys
  • Meals & Ride Nutrition/snacks/hydration
  • SAG support
  • Sleeping facilities in host churches
  • Transportation from Fort Collins to Buena Vista and back


It's not easy, but following dreams isn’t about what’s easy—it’s about discovering what’s possible. This might be a chance to learn about your capabilities.

Maybe God’s asking you to step out of your comfort zone and do something sacrificial. We look forward to riding together, actively engaged as a team in God’s story of Justice.


Our FAQ Page includes ideas and suggestions. People are incredibly generous when you’re working to advance a worthy cause.

Friends, family members, and colleagues will support you if you start early and you’re creative and persistent. We’ll help with ideas and forms.


Questions? Here’s an FAQ Page.

Contact Becky with other questions

Challenge your limitations


2019 Route (tentative)


I came away worn out but incredibly blessed. Blessed with knowing we raised support for the kids in India. Blessed with a whole new family of dear friends.

Concern for the children at the Home of Hope caught my eye back in 2014.

Ride a bike to raise awareness of the tragedy of human trafficking? OK, I can do that. A good reason to ride - a worthy cause.

After training a lot, I started my first ride not really knowing what to anticipate. What was it like? A week of riding with a group of wonderful people, all of us doing something most considered beyond reach; 500 miles across the state. Was it hard? Yes. Was it fun? Absolutely? I came away worn out but incredibly blessed. Blessed with knowing we raised support for the kids in India. Blessed with a whole new family of dear friends. Blessed by all the encounters we had with folks along the way.

I'm especially grateful for a couple of moments. When we arrived in Pueblo during my first tour, my dad and brother were there to meet us at the church where we were staying. My dad was in his last days, but still managed to make it down to welcome us to Pueblo. I will never forget that moment.

During my latest ride this summer, I recall riding through the farm country outside Pueblo on a beautiful morning en route to La Junta. I remember the smile on Rich's face as we cranked through the countryside. That was a great day.

The main reason I ride with the Freedom Tour family is the people! Yes, I love bikes, but I especially enjoy the people who ride them.

We ride to bring hope to each other and to the children at the Home of Hope in New Delhi, India. The theme of the Freedom Tour is “Hope changes what is possible”. I like that but more importantly, I believe that.

Last summer I rode the Mountain Tour with my son who had recently moved into our home after a series of struggles resulted in the loss of his job and ending of his marriage. It had been 30 years since we rode regularly during his High School years. Hope was desperately needed if a new beginning was to take place. The first evening of the tour each person shared some of their story. I heard stories of personal challenges and how they were faced with the help of faith and friendships. Hope was in the room. We listened to and encouraged each other. A bond of friendship was born that night and the days of riding in the occasional cold and rain could not dampen our spirits.

Each time I have ridden with the Freedom Tour, I have enjoyed the fellowship of some incredible people. We arrive as individuals from different places and with unique stories. When we depart we say farewell to fellow riders who have become brothers and sisters on the journey of hope.

“There’s no limit to what a group of committed, passionate people can accomplish when they work together and trust God for the outcome. Hope changes what’s possible.”

Rich Dixon